Brislington Community Museum

CY or YC

This publisher is practically anonymous, identified only by her/his initials that are grouped into an inscrutable monogram, yet they produced a series of a dozen postcards of Brislington (perhaps with a leaning toward St Anne's), publishing them as real photographs.

Brislington postcards

Langton Court Road - "LANGTON COURT ROAD" "ST. ANNS PARK'. Series number 2.

Arlington Road - "ARLINGTON ROAD" "ST ANNS PARK". Series number 4. Earliest known picture: 6 Dec 1910.

Church of St Anne - ST ANNS CHURCH. Series number 7. Earliest known picture: 24 Aug 1910.

Wick Road - "WICK ROAD" "BRISLINGTON". Series number 10. Published online at Bristol Archives.Earliest known picture: 7 Feb 1911.

Grove Park (Bath Road, A4) - "THE CRESCENT" "BRISLINGTON". Series number 11. Earliest known picture: 17 Jul 1910

Salisbury Road - "SALISBURY ROAD" "ST ANNS PARK". Published in print by Fisher, Janet & Derek undated, page 38; and Fisher, Janet et al 1985, page 28. Series number 12. Earliest known picture: 17 Aug 1910.

Some notes

The close clustering of postmark dates suggest a short-lived enterprise that began in the summer of 1910, with commercial outlets not being restocked after an initial launch. That the series runs to twelve (at least) shows serious intent on the part of the publisher. The idiosyncratic titling suggests a entrepreneurial individual working in isolation, such as a photographer living locally and producing postcards in a darkroom in their home - a hobby evolving into a business. One cannot help but wonder what happened next...

Ken Taylor

We can't exhibit these postcards until we have permission from the copyright owner, and regrettably we don't yet know who this is.