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Peter Davey

Peter Davey produced a series of postcards on Bristol trams, some featuring photographs taken by his father S Miles Davey. Because the tram depot in Brislington played a significant role in the city's tramway system, these postcards naturally include much of local interest.

Peter has written numerous books on aspects of Bristol's history, in particular its network of trams (a subject he's also covered in books for other places in Gloucestershire and Somerset) and is well known for his talks to local history groups etc. His book Bristol's Tramways has a photograph of the Brislington depot on the front cover, and there's a wealth of information inside.

Stuart Miles Davey was born in Bristol in 1907 to parents both also from this city; he married in Stoke Bishop in 1931, and died in 1989.

Brislington postcards

Tram Depot - 1938 BRISLINGTON DEPOT. Published in print in Davey, Peter 1995, front cover. Photographed by S Miles Davey.

Bristol Hill - 1938, BRISLINGTON TERMINUS. Published in print in Davey, Peter 1995, plate 59. Photographed by S Miles Davey.

Ken Taylor

We can't exhibit these postcards until we have permission from the copyright owner, and regrettably we don't yet know who that is.