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Nostalgia Ink

The only known postcard of Brislington by Nostalgia Ink contains a couple of clues about its origins that only become lucid when those origins are known.

Nostalgia Ink published a range of books of postcards selected to represent a period in history not so long ago. Some subjects were large enough to warrant more than one book: "The Glory of Steam" for instance, for the connoisseur, contains a rich variety of topics, one being "The Great Western Region". Those phrases in quotation marks - the title and subtitle of the book respectively - appear on the back of the postcard.

The acknowledgements section of the book unpacks another inscrutable item on the postcard - LOCOFOTOS - which is a trading name of Gordon Coltas whose photographs illustrate the book (which is to say, they're on the front of the twenty-two postcards in this volume). The author of this book, which its ISBN (1 85925 102 1) indicates was published in 2009, is Cliff Hayes.

Brislington postcard

St Anne's Park railway station - [ No title ]. The date the photograph was taken is cited on the postcard itself as 24 Apr 1958. The locomotive King George II is depicted at the station.

Ken Taylor

We can't exhibit this postcard until we have permission from the copyright owner, and regrettably we don't yet know who that is.