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Photographic Tourists Association

There's only one known postcard of Brislington by The Photographic Tourists Association, but copies are known in two varieties - one cites the association's address as Wandsworth (Surrey), the other Turnham Green (in Chiswick, Middlesex).

The Photographic Tourists Association was created in or by 1889, and enabled photographers around the country to pool knowledge, centralise resources, and readily produce works in a variety of formats. They specialised in visiting institutions such as schools or large workplaces, where sufficient people might appreciate the opportunity of having a photographic keepsake. A wealth of detailed information has been kindly put online at the Sussex PhotoHistory website from which, with grateful acknowledgement, these notes have largely been drawn.

Apparently based in London, a branch office existed in Bristol (Park Street) in 1889 - probably set up by photographer Wilhelm Carl Stackemann, but this may have closed the following year. In 1895 he was manager of the Association at their main office in Wandsworth. In 1907 the business was taken over by Tudor Travers Hora, and operated from two separate offices in Wandsworth.

Brislington postcard

Long Fox Manor - BRISLINGTON HOUSE. Two versions of the original photograph were produced as postcards, but both carry the series number 16116. Earliest known picture: 2 Dec 1906.

Ken Taylor


Simkin, David undated, Professional Photographers in Chichester (S-Z ), Sussex PhotoHistory,, accessed 10 Mar 2023.

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