Brislington Community Museum

Anonymous publisher - group 1

This publisher produced postcards of Brislington using the halftone process in monochrome.

Points of connection between these postcards include their very early date, the typeface of the picture title, and the configuration of information on the back.

It wouldn't be wise to assume these postcards share a common publisher, let alone photographer, but there's a clear connection between them that sets them apart and puts them in a class of their own.

Brislington postcards

St Philip's Causeway - Black Castle - THE BATHS AT ONE TIME CONNECTED WITH ARNO'S COURT. Earliest known picture: 20 Jun 1904.

St Anne's Park railway station - ST. ANNE'S - SITE OF PRESENT STATION SHOWING BROOM HILL.. Earliest known picture: 13 Jul 1904.

Bath Road (A4) - The Square - THE VILLAGE OF BRISLINGTON. Earliest known picture: 18 Jun 1904.

Ken Taylor

We can't exhibit these postcards until we have permission from the copyright owner, and regrettably we don't yet know who that is.