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Postcards - publishers and photographers, etc Picture of a postcard with text: 'See our exhibits'.

More than fifty postcard publishers have contributed to the wealth of picture postcards of Brislington and St Anne's. The list below is a work in progress and is biased toward presenting information about local publishers. More details will be added when time for research allows (please get in touch if you can assist with any information).

The museum would like to collect (and share) information on everyone involved in producing these pictures of Brislington. We always try to give credit where it's due but the photographer is rarely identified on the postcard itself, so any clues to help identify these crucial people would be particularly welcome.

All known topographical postcards are included below, and they've also been arranged geographically but with less detailed information.

Brislington & St Anne's

Brislington Parish Church
Coe, E
Comer, A E
Comer, J B
CY or YC
Elson, L T
George (photographer)
Hollister, C D
Hollister, E C
Hollister, E T
Little & Barber
Parker, D G
Rea, J H
Red House, The
Village policeman (photographer)
West, F J
West, N J
Winchester (photographer)


Barnett, R
Barton, Harvey & Son
Beaufort Series
C S & Co B
Garratt (photographer)
Hepworth (photographer)
J B & S C (Avonvale series)
Little, Fred (photographer)
Nicholas, A W
Pincock Bros
Senior & Co
Shortman, A G (A G S & Co)
Stevens, E C (photographer)
Viner & Co (photographer)
W H S & S B (Grosvenor series)
York Publishing
Young, J C (JCY, photographer)


Aerofilms Ltd (photographers)
Bailey, Fred E (photographer)
Bell's Photo Co
Camwell, W A (photographer)
Composite Photograph
Gage, Michael (photographer)
Harvey Series
Jones, Harry (photographer)
Kent, Walter (photographer)
Lawrence, J C (photographer)
Locomotive Publishing Co Ltd, The
Marshall, Keene & Co
Moore, F (photographers)
Photographic Tourists Association, The
Ridley, Martin (MJRB, photographer)
Surrey Flying Services (S F S)
Thompson, J (photographer)
Vaughan-Jenkins, W
Viner & Co (photographer)


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