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Brislington may not build its own bricks-and-mortar museum any time soon, but a virtual museum is the next best thing. This platform can carry as full a range of exhibits as any museum and, like the original museum of ancient Alexandria in Egypt, it can promote the interests of all the Muses including that performing arts that often reflect so wisely and wittily on our place in the cosmos.

A free resource such as this is not only relevant to art-lovers, historians and the archaeological community, but is a monument to the people of Brislington, past and present. We appreciate how lucky we are to live here, and we want to strengthen community spirit, and preserve the best of what we have for future generations to enjoy and cherish in turn. Every museum is about shared local heritage of course, but the inspiration and purpose for this museum is rooted not in our past, but our future.

A brief history of the museum

Brislington's first virtual museum was founded in 2010 by the Brislington Community Archaeology Project (BCAP) with a grant from Brislington Community Partnership (BCP), and it achieved national recognition for innovation in 2012 when it was featured by British Archaeology magazine. Following the demise of BCAP in 2017, a new not-for-profit community group - Brislington Virtual Museum - was set up to carry the idea to the next level (released from the archaeological emphasis).

In 2021 that vision was manifested in the formation of Brislington Community Museum. In a neat twist, the BCP's old website name became available, and we're proud to continue in its footsteps at .

We launched our newsletter in 2022, and hope these will become a valuable permanent archive as they have an ISSN and are lodged with the British Library. Contributions, of course, are warmly invited.

Contributions and comments

We hope you'll enjoy your visit and will come again. We welcome feedback, so please do contact us if you have any comments, particularly if you can offer information about any of the items on display, or have suggestions for new exhibits. For more details please see our Terms and conditions.

There are also plenty of formal and informal opportunities to get involved, ranging from photographing artefacts, to researching and writing the descriptions - in fact whatever your interest, there's probably something you can do to join in. Enthusiasm is enough to make up for any lack of previous experience (no worries, we all started from scratch, and we're all still learning!) To find out more please email the curator.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, and we protect it with great care. For full details about when we collect your personal information, and how we use it, please see our Privacy Policy

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