Brislington Community Museum

A W Nicholas

The only known postcard credited to this publisher gives their address as Livingstone, Wells Rd., Bristol. Although solving the mystery of Livingstone remains a challenge, it may be more than coincidence that the 1901 census shows Alfred William Nicholas living with his wife and children in Merfield Road, Knowle. That's no more than than 120m northeast of the Wells Road. The 1911 census shows the family living in Brislington.

Only one postcard is currently known for this publisher.

Brislington postcard

West Town Lane - OLD BRIDGE AND FORD, BRISLINGTON Published online at Bristol Archives. Also published in print by Jones, F C & W G Chown 1977, page 61. The same photograph was published by J B & S C. Earliest known picture: 24 Jan 1905.

Some notes

Although more information is needed to be on statistically firm ground, first indications suggest the above postcard by Nicholas predates the version published by James Baker & Son (Avonvale Series), but only by a year or so.

Ken Taylor

Regrettably we can't exhibit this postcard until either the identity of the photographer is known (and perhaps also the copyright status of their picture), or we secure funds to apply for a batch of orphan works licences.