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Neighbourhood Partnership Together

You may already know about this electronic discussion group. It seeks to link people from different parts of Bristol and provide them with a forum to exchange ideas and experiences related to the 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships. Recent discussions have been about cycling, environmental improvements, socially isolated older people, young people and much more. The only 'rules' are use your real name and, by all means, disagree, but do it politely and with respect. So far, we have a 100% record on this.

Neighbourhood Partnerships Together is independent of BCC and most participants are residents, but mayors, councillors and BCC staff are very welcome to join in (and perhaps should do so more frequently!) along with members of other agencies.

All the 14 NPs are currently represented and Neighbourhood Partnerships Together is a very good way of identifying people that can collaborate together around a common interest, build cooperation between NPs and, possibly, find a solution to to a problem that's been difficult for you and your NP.

A recent success has been the establishment of the Bristol Walking Alliance which has raised walkability as a top issue in the elections. Three NPs are currently affiliated to this new body and we expect other to join during 2016. Neighbourhood Partnerships Together has been a very efficient and cheap way of finding out who is doing what about walkability across the city.

Please encourage people in your area to become part of Neighbourhood Partnerships Together. It's very much 'the more, the merrier'.

Join by going to Neighbourhood Partnerships Together.

Police and Community Safety Update can be found here.


Wellbeing Fund report can be found here.

Park Byelaws Report can be found here.


The Bristol Arena exhibitions materials will be available online at This page will also signpost where the full planning applications can be found on the Bristol City Council website.

The Matthew Tree Project, developers of the Food PLUS Network (formerly known as FoodStores) and with Food PLUS Centre's in Brislington and across South Bristol to provide food aid and support for people in hardship, is planning a new Community Project called FOODTURES at The Rock in Brislington.

Their proposal is to provide a new community recreational and learning space on site and provide long term unemployed people with training to help them find work in and around food growing, processing, distribution and marketing, as well as other topics like woodland management and environmental conservation - you can find out more about FOODTURES and complete a survey to help them develop their proposal here.

More information about the scheme available here, here, and here.


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