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Yet another planning application for the redevelopment of St Johns Hall on Wick Road. Smaller in size than the previous two (withdrawn) applications but the concerns over access/egress so close to a primary school still remain. The plans still show proposed access as being 4m wide and wide enough for two cars to pass. The actual width is 3.25m at its widest point and can only just fit a transit van in at its narrowest point!

The developers have only notified a small number of residents of this application so please share and comment away.



Notification of Appeal
Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Appeal by: Plutus Energy Limited
Site: Avonbank Feeder Road Bristol BS2 0TH

Proposal: Proposed installation of low carbon, bio-diesel powered generators and associated infrastructure for the provision of a Flexible Generation Facility to provide energy balancing services via the capacity market for the National Grid.

Appeal Ref: APP/Z0116/W/17/3167991
An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against the city council who have refused to grant planning permission for the above.

The Planning Inspectorate has indicated that this appeal will be determined by an inspector following the submission of written statements by the parties concerned.

The Planning Inspectorate has asked that local residents and others that may be affected by the proposals be informed and given the opportunity to make representations. If you wrote to this department giving your views at application stage, a copy of your letter will be supplied to the inspector. If you would like to write now or modify or elaborate on any earlier views please write to The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN quoting reference number W/17/3167991.

Alternatively, you can submit your views on-line, check the i

Any views must be submitted 28 April 2017, and the Inspectorate must receive three copies of any letter. The Planning Inspectorate will not acknowledge representations but will ensure that letters received by the deadline are passed to the Inspector. Such views will be conveyed to both parties to the appeal.

If representations are received after the above date, the Inspector will not normally see them and they will be returned.
The appeal documents can be viewed here. Please search for reference no. 16/00719/F and select the Documents tab. Further guidance to taking part in planning appeals is available on the Planning Portal website. The decision will be published on the Planning Portal and our website.

Development Management
Bristol City Council


30.3.17 - Sovereign's proposed plans for 493 - 499 Bath Road here.


Proposed development of the land at no 9, Eagle Rd by Dynamitecture for apartments with underground parking and secure cycle storage.

.pdfs of the plans can be viewed here:
Location Plan
Parking Provision
Floor Plans
Refuse Provision

Comments and feedback from local residents welcomed. Please contact Ben Wilson.

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