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Brislington Hill c.1910s

Brislington Hill c.1910s
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The picture published in this postcard was photographed by John William Garratt, and titled "BRISLINGTON HILL. BRISLINGTON." It was printed photographically directly onto card produced specially for use as a postcard. Earliest known picture: 8 Sept 1920.

A two-horse cart loaded with hay is making its way down the hill. Behind them a right-handed man is pushing a buggy, he's holding the left-hand side of the handle so the child has a clear view of where they've come from.

The sign high on the wall of the White Hart is truncated by the edge of the picture but clearly proclaims this establishment was part of the Bristol United Breweries.

A large advertisement on a boundary wall uphill of the White Hart urges the reader to always order Camwal soda water, lemonade and ginger ale because "they are the purest and best", adding they're on sale here. Camwal was a national brand with a branch in Bristol, and had been around since 1900.

Visit our notes for more information about this photographer and postcard publisher, and his work in Brislington.

Bibliography - the picture in this postcard has been published in:

Bristol Archives

Anon, 1980, page 17.

Our research indicates we're free to publish this exhibit (if a breach of copyright etc may have occured please let us know so we can take appropriate action).

Period: Modern

Exhibit contributed by Andrew Palmer

Text written by Ken Taylor (2023)

Photographer: John William Garratt

Acquisition number: 230219a4

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