Brislington Community Museum

C S & Co B

This publisher produced postcards of Brislington using the collotype process in both monochrome and colour, they also published postcards of other places in and around Bristol.

It hasn't yet been possible to decypher the initials of this company that was probably based in Bristol (the final B is used by other local postcard publishers to indicate their presence in Bristol).

Brislington postcards

Panorama - Brislington. From Knowle. Looking across Talbot Road toward Flowers Hill. Earliest known picture: 18 May 1905.

Panorama - New Brislington. From Knowle. Depicting the south end of Winchester Road and the rows of terraced housing to the east, as well as open fields and the church of St Luke. Earliest known picture: 9 Feb 1905.

Beese's Riverside Bar - BEES' TEA GARDENS, HANHAM. Published online at Bristol Archives. Half a dozen slight variants are known, some of which bear the series number 123. Earliest known picture: 5 Jan 1905.

Montrose Park - Montrose Avenue, Brislington. Earliest known picture: 26 Sept 1908.

We can't exhibit these postcards until we have permission from the copyright owner, and regrettably we don't yet know who that is.