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This publisher produced postcards of Brislington using the collotype process in both monochrome and colour. Most of the known examples are in a numbered series, and all are credited on the back with "Ozograph Series, Bristol".

They produced postcards of Bristol and further afield. A postcard of a Bristol subject, which has an identical back design to the Brislington examples, informs us it was printed and published by the Ozograph Company Ltd, 145 St Michael's Hill, Bristol. The company went into liquidation in 1907, and a final General Meeting of the shareholders was called for 16 Jan 1908 to complete the process (Little 1907, 8710).

Brislington postcards

Grove Park, United Reformed Church - Chapel, Brislington. Series number 459. Earliest known picture: 15 Aug 1905.

Sandy Park Road - Sandy Park Road, New Brislington. Series number 460. Earliest known picture: 19 Mar 1906.

Church of St Luke - Brislington Church. Series number 462. Earliest known picture: 7 Sept 1905.

Church of St Luke - BRISLINGTON CHURCH. Interior. Published online at Bristol Archives. Earliest known picture: 17 Sept 1908.

Some notes

A version of "BRISLINGTON CHURCH. Interior" was published using a different printing method (halftone) with the revised title (printed in a more artistic font) "Interior Brislington Church". Both copies seen so far with a legible postmark were dated toward the end of 1908, more than six months after the liquidation of Ozograph Co. Ltd. This could be evidence that the liquidator sold their rights to the picture to another postcard publisher. A variant of "Sandy Park Road, New Brislington" was also produced in the same new style as "Sandy Park Rd., Brislington."

Ken Taylor


Little, F T B 1907, In the Matter of the Companies Acts, The London Gazette, Dec 13, in, accessed 31 Jan 2023.

We can't exhibit these postcards until we have permission from the copyright owner, and regrettably we don't yet know who that is.