Brislington Community Museum


This publisher produced real photograph postcards of Brislington and St Anne's, as well as elsewhere in Bristol. It's possible this publisher may also be known as West Counties Agency, which produced a Westfield Series, and traded from 14 Westfield Park, Redland, Bristol, but proof of this is currently elusive.

Brislington postcards

St Anne's Woods - ST. ANNE'S WOODS, BRISTOL. Series number 289. Earliest known picture: 20 July 1939.

Bath Road (A4) - TRAM DEPOT, BRISLINGTON. Series number 373. Earliest known picture: 26 Aug 1930.

St Anne's Woods - Childrens Paradise at ST Anne's. Bristol. Series number 472.

Ken Taylor

We can't exhibit these postcards until we have permission from the copyright owner, and regrettably we don't yet know who that is.